HDO Programmes Completed

  • HDO with BDN program in U/C Talgran and Sadpur
  • 3 year community best project livelihood recovery program UNDP partner organization human development organization.
  • Distributions of wheat seeds Plants. HDO has distributed seed,s of maize. Fertilizer and plants with the collaboration of UNDP.FAO.HDO has conduced needs assessment in AJK and future team has decided to plan following activities future.
  • HDO Training Cos, CBO,s LMST , with UNDP , HRD.
  • HDO is Awareness SB Germany . Lovely hood recovery program.
  • HDO Date Provided water and Sanitation acled Based france.
  • HDO averseness the UN. HABITAT Truing “Housing “ Rehabilitation Commute origination steal Fixer. Electric Plumbers U/C Tulgran sadpur
  • CO Jabri Jabyan 3,1/2 Kilometer lank road Tulgran to Jabri Jabyan HDO what UNDP, ILO.
  • Tulgrann Lower 3 Kilometer HDD with UNDP ILO survey.
  • CO Dattora.  3 Kilometer JDO with UNDP, ILO.
  • CO Battle Shakri for TBASE under parses HDO with UNDP.
  • CO Dattara Road Suervey HDO with UNDP, ILO.
  • CO Danocl HDO with UNDP chuck CO 1,83 000/-.
  • CO Bandi Mirgan HDO with UNDP Chick CO 1,83000/-
  • CO Donal skill training HDO with ILO.
  • CO Saidbatta Bakeri skill training AJK CDP with HDO.
  • CO Talgran Zereen No 2 water tank AJK CDP with HDO.
  • CO Talgran Zereen No 1 CO Sarian Chamanabad Plant Distribution AJK CDP with HDO.
  • CO Danool fot bridge project survey AJK CDP local Government with HDO.
  • CO Bandi Meran survey water channel AJK CDP with HDP.
  • CO Bhari fot path survey AJK CDP with local government HDO.
  • CO Noora Seri linjk road survey AJK CDP locai Government with HDO.
  • CO Bagh water chznnel survey Agricullure with HDO.
  • CO Dohra Karshan water channdl surbey Agriculture with HDO.
  • Muzaffarabad city dirty ward wise Mohallah wise VRC.
  • CO Talgran Zareen Ano 2 WFP bridol Path 25 km HDO.
  • C/O Talgran Bala No 2 WFP bridal Path 12 km HDO.
  • C/O Jabri Jabyan WFP bridal Path 10 Km HDO.
  • C/O Sadbatta Khori WFP bridal Path 18 Km.
  • C/O Seri Kalra Sanbl Pahana WFP bridal path 18 km HDO.
  • C/O Lalo Sari WFP bridal Path 6 km HDO.
  • C/O Talgran Zareen No 2 WFP Water Channel 2 km HDO.
  • C/O Talgran Bala No 2 WFP road 1 km HDO.
  • C/O Talgran Zareen No 1 WFP road Rehabilitation 10 km HDO.
  • S/O Female Talgran vocational centre 3 WFP HDO.              

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